Name: Ruby Rank!
Price: 19.99 GBP

Purchasing this Rank will give you access to the following perks:

6 Total Homes
Coloured Player Outline - /eGlow
Decorative Heads GUI - /heads
Coloured Nickname - /nick
Sign Editing - /sse
The Ability to operate the Jukebox at Spawn
Particle Trails - /trails
Noteblock Jukebox GUI - /jukebox
Custom Map Images - /maptool new (URL)
Teleport to a Random Location in the World - /RTP
Trash Can GUI - /trash
Portable Crafting Table - /craft
Portable Ender Chest - /enderchest
Put any Item on your head - /hat
Withdraw your EXP into sharable Bottles - /exp withdraw
Send a unique third person message in the chat - /me
6000 Extra Claim Blocks
10 Total Shops
Chat Tag
No AFK Kick

IMPORTANT: We do not offer refunds for our products, no matter the circumstances.